Trial SAQs for the ACEM Fellowship Written Exam 2015.1 and beyond



The New SAQ format

Gone are the pre-2015 VAQ and SAQ format, and in are the new 2015-onwards short answer questions (SAQs). Information about the new format can be found on the ACEM website (including an exam writing guide—SAQ writing starts on page 11), as well as from Adelaide Emergency Physicians.

These trial SAQs are structured to give a consistent approach. The components of a trial SAQ on this website will consist of:

  • An introductory stem or scenario
  • A series of questions (as few or as many as desired). Each question will have:
    • The question being asked
    • A template in which to write the answer (such as numbered lines or a table)
    • Answer expected
    • Marks allocated
  • Categories and tags


The quality of trial questions on this site is fully dependent on the users submitting them. They are unlikely to be moderated/edited very much. They may or may not represent the actual ACEM FEx questions.