ACEM FEx Questions
The Educator Series

Practice questions for the ACEM Fellowship Exam 2015.1 and beyond

Welcome, Educators!

You have landed here as an Educator of ACEM Fellowship Exam candidates. You might be:

  • A DEMT
  • An Examiner
  • Anyone else teaching ACEM FEx candidates
If this does not describe you, please proceed to the general home page.

This section of the website will, in the near future, allow you to register as an Educator and to reserve some of the questions you create for viewing only by fellow educators, with the aim of preserving some "fresh" questions for your teaching sessions without prior viewing by your candidates.

This functionality is not yet operational. In the interim, however, there is a work around to keep the questions you add to the database hidden from the prying eyes of everyone else:

  • Register and login to your account
  • Create an OSCE or a SAQ
  • Before you save, check the 'Save as draft version' box.
    • This will keep it in your Drafts list, visible to you but not published on the website
  • After your education session is complete, go back and edit the question to uncheck the Draft box and release your question onto the masses

For more information about this website and the new ACEM FEx format, have a look at the home page.