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Practice questions for the ACEM Fellowship Exam 2015.1 and beyond





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This is a crowd-sourced #FOAMed database, so you are able to add your devious trial questions to the banks. To get an idea of what is around, have a browse through and see what tickles your fancy.

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The New Format

From 2015.1, the ACEM Fellowship Exam has taken on a new format, comprising of the written select choice question (SCQ) and short answer question (SAQ) paper, and the clinical OSCE-format examination.

You can read more about these formats from the ACEM website, as well as on the SAQ and OSCE pages


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This website is in development to get the basic functionality online. It is not a fully functional site and may break and will not have some features you want. There will be ongoing improvements, and I am keen to hear any suggestions or of any bugs you come across.

The quality of trial questions on this site is fully dependent on the users submitting them. They are unlikely to be moderated/edited very much. They may or may not represent the actual ACEM FEx questions.